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Ways to Wear a Scarf

    Some Good Ways Wear Scarf
    How to Wear Scarf # 1: Good Headband Grab a scarf, preferably soft, smooth. Choose one that suits your outfit and the role that extends to form a long tube of fabric. You are ready to be tied headband. Place it at a desired distance from the hairline and tie it in the neck. You can tie it in the middle of neck, under your hair or toward the back of one of your ears, if you want the node to be visible. Long tail dangle will compliment your outfit and give you a fashionable look. You can experiment with small or large knot tying. You can also wrap a scarf over the first headband ready and then put it on. This will ensure that it does not slip and you can easily remove and put back. This is a classic hair accessory that grace your outfit too. 

    How to Wear a Scarf # 2: Pony Wrap This is a simple way to use a scarf but it immediately gives a luxurious look to your hair and clothes. Take a matching scarf and roll to form a tube. Low ponytail and just tie a scarf tied around the base of a ponytail so that knots above the horse's side and the edges are flowing on each side. Another way is to further intertwine in woven scarf tail. So keep each tail with the outside of the building and continue braiding as usual. Tie a knot in the top 3 inches over. It will look great on long hair. 

    How to wear hijab # 3: Wrap the Ascot This is one elegant way to wear a scarf around your neck. Decide clothes and take a contrasting scarf. You can also have a shawl one prominent color in clothing. This is the best way to wear a veil with a dress that has a collar. Fold the scarf diagonally. Now hang on your neck, will end up hanging on the back. Let the corner to cross each other on the back of your neck and bring them again on the front side. Drag them to make the wrap tight, but comfortable. Now, tie a simple knot or bow at center front. Place the free end in your clothes. You can also skip the node and not in the back of the tie where the cross over. The front of the scarf will remain smooth with few wrinkles. This style is mainly chosen by the boys.

    Ways to Wear a Scarf #4: Fashionable Knot
    This is amongst the most common ways to wear scarf with a dress around the neck. Take a long scarf and roll it length wise. Make sure it matches the outfit perfectly. Just put it around your neck, from backside, so that both the ends are on front side. Make both the ends equal and just tie a knot at front center of your neck. This looks best with wide and deep neck-lines. You can have many variations in this style. Another way is to tie a knot at one side of your neck and let one end hang on front-side and other on backside. This looks cool with strappy tops. Another way is to tie it around the waist band of your skirt or jeans as a funky belt. You can also fold it diagonally and tie a simple knot at one side of your waist. This is commonly used to grace up slacks.

    Ways to Wear a Scarf #5: Stylish Wraps
    Just fold a scarf length-wise to make a tube. Wrap it around your neck so that the ends hang in front. Now pull right end to make it longer than the left one and put it on your back from left shoulder. You can make it stay tight around your neck or hang it loosely around your neck. Now one end hangs in front and other on backside. This looks perfect on tube tops. Here is another way of wrapping scarf around your neck. Fold it length-wise to form a long tube. Drape it around the neck so that ends hang free on your back. Cross the ends and bring them in front. Pull to make them fit tight around the neck.

    There are many ways to wear a scarf around your head, neck and dress. While each way is cool, a perfect scarf with right colors and fabric is what will make it a classic accessory. Wrong choice of scarf can ruin your look. So make sure you opt for the right one to match your clothing. Also, try various ways on your outfit to find the best way of wearing a scarf on that piece of clothing. After all, you definitely need to take a little efforts to don that killer look!

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