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Postpartum Hair Loss

    Postpartum Hair Loss : Causes

    To understand the causes behind hair loss after giving birth, we must first know about the hair growth cycle in normal people. In most people, until ninety-five percent of hair is in developing stage, and the rest is the resting stage. Post-rest phase, hair will start falling out, when someone combing or washing hair. Hair is then replaced by new hair growth. On average, a woman shed about 100 hairs a day. This is about the hair growth cycle in a normal woman. Now, let's see what will happen to pregnant women.

    When a pregnant woman, the level of estrogen in the body increases further. High estrogen levels, prolong the hair growth phase, so that smaller amounts of hair at a time in a resting phase. That is why, when at the stage of getting more rest, less hair loss head. However, after delivery, when estrogen levels drop, a large number of hairs enter the resting phase. And when this phase will end, she saw a lot of hair out of her head, when she shampoos or hair brush. This hair loss after childbirth, usually lasts for upto a period of one year, post-delivery. After this period, women get back to normal hair.

    Postpartum Hair Loss : Treatment

    Although postpartum hair loss prevention is not possible, as hormonal changes during the pregnancy are bound to happen in a woman, yet there are a number of steps which a woman can take to minimize or control the hair loss. Here are a few remedies for severe postpartum hair loss.

    One of the ways to treat hair loss and stimulate hair growth, post pregnancy is to take a healthy, balanced diet. Foods such as nuts, avocados and fish, which are rich in omegas, are especially beneficial for hair growth. Flaxseed oil and fish oil, if eaten regularly can minimize hair loss too.

    Vitamin Supplements
    Taking vitamin supplements such as silica, biotin, zinc and calcium, helps in promoting hair growth and thus, prevents postpartum hair loss.

    Taking scalp and hair massages with essential oils such as olive oil and lavender oil, on a regular basis, increases the blood flow to the hair follicles. This increases hair growth and is quiet beneficial to treat as well as prevent postpartum hair loss.

    Yoga and Exercise
    A pregnant woman who is totally stress free and healthy, is much more unlikely to suffer from prolonged hair loss. So a very useful way to prevent and control postpartum hair loss, is to exercise regularly and do yoga. Meditation and breathing exercises prevent stress and the resultant hair loss to a great extent too.Besides incorporating the above mentioned changes in one's lifestyle, a pregnant woman can make a few practical changes, such as cutting her hair short and switching to a mild, herbal shampoo from a chemical based one, in order to prevent and treat postpartum hair loss.

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Postpartum Hair Loss

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