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Moustache Wax Recipe

    Moustache Wax Recipe - Homemade Moustache Wax Recipe

    Moustache Wax Ingredients
    • Beeswax

    • Castor oil

    • Double boiler

    • A low tub or jar

    • Grate or chop the beeswax in to small fine pieces and place them on to the upper part of a double boiler. You may also use a small saucepan inside a larger one instead of double boiler.

    • Put the castor oil in to the beeswax in the ratio of 1:2, i.e. one part castor oil to two parts beeswax.

    • Pour little amount of water into the bottom of the double boiler and transfer the pan over medium heat. Stir the wax and oil together until the wax melts, and a smooth, evenly blended mixture is formed.

    • Remove the pan from the heat and shift the melted wax to a clean, shallow bowl or jar with a lid. Keep the bowl/jar aside, remove the lid and let the contents to cool.

    • Now the wax is ready to be applied on the moustache or other unruly bits of hair. Make sure you cover the unused portions of wax and store at room temperature.

    Other Moustache Wax Recipes

    Moustache Wax Recipe #1
    • ½ pound gum-arabic

    • ½ pound oil soap

    • 1 pint rose water

    • 1 pound white wax

    • 1 ounce attar bergamot

    • ½ drachm attar thyme


    In a saucepan, melt gum-arabic, oil soap, rose water and white wax. Stir continuously until it forms a uniform consistency. Now add bergamot and thyme for fragrance.

    Moustache Wax Recipe #2
    • Beeswax

    • Petroleum jelly

    • Coconut oil/shea butter

    • Essential oils


    Mix equal quantities of petroleum jelly and beeswax and melt in a double boiler. Now add coconut oil or shea butter (half in quantity of petroleum jelly or beeswax) to the mixture and heat until it melts completely. For an appealing fragrance, add few drops of essential oil once the mixture cools.

    How to Use Moustache Wax?

    The first step before applying the wax is to blow-dry the hair completely. After the moustache wax has cooled down, rub your finger tips lightly over the surface of the coagulated wax. Don't dip your finger into the wax container, as excess of wax may result in a greasy moustache. When your finger tips are lightly coated with wax, put them against the hair you want to shape. To spread the wax evenly, slightly run your fingers against the hair in the same direction as the hair grows naturally. After applying, shape and style the moustache with your fingers. Apply more wax if necessary, and to remove, wash the applied area with mild soap and rinse well with lukewarm water.

    Applying excess of wax may give a messy or greasy look to the moustache, therefore, be careful while applying and remove the extras with cotton. The aforementioned moustache wax recipes will not only shape or tame an unruly moustache, eyebrows or other facial hair, but they also help to strengthen the hair by coating it with tough, shiny and protective covering.

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