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Moustache Types

    Moustache Types - Moustache Names

    A mustache serves as a symbol of masculinity for some. Some men wear it just because they think it looks good. Some men have never gone without a mustache, so they probably have one out of plain habit. Some men accompany mustaches with a beard, and mustache types are so varied that they can choose one and flaunt the facial hairstyles for young men that they try out! You might not believe it, but there are World Beard and Mustache Championships held to judge who has the best mustache in the world! Read below for some plain, trendy, simple, complicated, and some outrageously outrageous mustache styles and names.



    Famous Personality Who Sported It
    Toothbrush Grow a full mustache. Then shave off the sides of the mustache, keeping only an inch or two right below the center of the nose.

    Adolf Hitler, Otto Frank
    Hungarian Allow your hair to grow right from the top of your upper lip. Once enough hair has grown, make a parting, and pull the hair on two opposite sides in such a way that it remains big and full in the center and tapering towards the ends.

    Lajos Kossuth
    English A classic British style mustache. It is a narrow mustache. It begins at the upper lip, right in the center, and as it grows, it is pulled sideways into whiskers. Curl the whiskers slightly upwards. This mustache was quite popular with English soldiers and important men during their colonial regime in the early 1800s and until later.

    Snidely Whiplash
    Fu Manchu This one, you may have seen on quite a lot of Oriental characters in Asian movies. It is nothing but a mustache that begins normally, and as it tapers, towards, the ends are allowed to grow long and turn downwards, often times, way below the chin.

    Dr. Fu Manchu (fictional), Jimi Hendrix
    Dali This style is named after the famous artist Salvador Dali. He sported this style, which involves an extremely narrow mustache at the upper lip, and the ends curving sharply upwards. The other portion of the upper lip must be shaved clean.

    Salvador Dali
    Handlebar Most commonly worn by Italian men in movies, this mustache is bushy at the center, and tapers towards the end. The edges are very gently curved upwards.

    Rollie Fingers, Franz Ferdinand
    Chevron This is probably the most widely sported mustache in the world. It's a no fuss mustache with just enough growth on the upper lip, and any excess or stray hair being cut or trimmed to give the face a neat and mature look.

    Tom Selleck, Orlando Bloom
    Horseshoe This is the one that is shaped like a horseshoe (duh!). Many people confuse it with the fu manchu because of the downward droop that both have. They look remarkably alike, except for the fact that the horseshoe mustache ends on the face, while the fu manchu extends even below the chin.

    Hulk Hogan, Taylor Potts

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