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How to Wear Bandana

    How to Wear Bandana on Head?
    This is the most chic way to tie a bandana, adored by guys as well as girls. Let's see how to tie a bandana on hair. First open and place it flat. Fold it diagonally to form a triangle. Hold the long folded edges and place its center flat across your forehead. Hold the pointed end of the triangle backwards over your head. Now tie these free ends into a knot, at backside of your head, just above the center of your nape. Tuck the pointed end of the triangle behind this knot. Girls can tie this knot under the bow or hair. Isn't it a classic hair accessory?

    How to Wear Bandana in Hair?
    Here's how to wear bandana in hair, perfect style for girls. Fold the bandana diagonally, to form a triangle. Place the center of the long edge on center of your hairline, holding the edges in hands. Now slide it just backwards, so that a narrow strip of hairline shows. Now tie the ends below you hair, at your nape. You can slightly push back the bandana to show more of your hairline. Keep your hair open to have a classic look. It is best to match the bandana color to that of your dress or top.

    How to Wear Bandana Around Neck?
    Wearing bandana around neck is easy. You can enhance a t-shirt or a top by tying a suitable bandana. Use a larger sized bandana for this style. Fold it diagonally to form a triangle. Now fold it again and yet again to form a narrow, 2-3 inches wide strip of bandana. Now wrap it around your neck and tie a simple loose knot in front side, leaving the ends below the knot free. This style works well on deep round neck tops.

    How to Wear Bandana on Wrist?
    Tying a bandana on wrist is a popular fashion trend that many guys follow. Fold the bandana to form a triangle and again go on folding to have a narrow strip of desired width. A strip of about 3 inches is enough. Now place it on your wrist with one side longer. Go on wrapping this longer side over your wrist and finally tie a knot with the other free end. If this style of tying bandana is opted by girls, it will instantly give them a tomboyish look.

    So, how to wear a bandana is not any more a difficult task. Bandanas are definitely one of the best fashion accessories for teens. Make sure you opt for a right color, design and fabric. While the cotton banadans are known to be the best, you can also look for the elegant silk bandanas. You can wear it as desired and make a fashion statement

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