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How to Cut a Side Fringe

    Side fringe or side bangs are one of the most popular type of bangs. However, there are different hairstyles with bangs, there can be sweeping side bangs, there can be very long side bangs, choppy side bangs, blunt short side bangs, asymmetrical side bangs, side bangs on both sides, etc. If you are a beginner, then it is good to start by learning how to trim a side fringe, on your overgrown hair which were cut a month or two ago. However, with a little caution you can also cut your normal hair into side bangs. But, avoid trying out fancy bangs styles like choppy or asymmetrical bangs, as they need a bit more skill. If you have a overgrown side fringe, then with a little trim you can make it look tidy and great. No need to go to a stylist, to cut your own hair, with a good pair of cutting scissor you can do the job yourself. Here are tips and tricks on how to cut a side fringe that will help you in the job.

    How to Cut a Side Fringe Yourself
    • Firstly, wash your hair with shampoo. Then use a mild conditioner to condition your hair, taking care to condition all the hair near the crown. Then towel dry your hair, do not completely dry them out, damp hair are required when cutting hair. As damp hair makes cutting hair easier, and dry hair tend to fly everywhere.
    • If you have dry hair then you can take out the front section of the fringe, and apply a hair serum to it. To take out the front section of the fringe, middle part your hair, then make two diagonal partings from each side to take out the hair section. Secure this hair section, with a clip. Then in your palms take a little bit of hair serum, rub it between your palms, remove the clip and apply the serum to the hair section.
    • Keep a spray nozzle water bottle near you to wet your hair whenever it gets dry.
    • Now, the most important tip to remember while you are learning how to trim your own hair into a side fringe, is to always cut little longer than the desired length. The length you are going to cut in case of curly hair, should be even more, as they tend to shrink and spring up when they dry. Even straight hair can shrink up to an inch. So, make sure you always cut a little bit at a time, and comb your hair sideways to check. You can always cut a little bit more, but not add more to your hair length.
    • Now, comb the front section of the hair straight down, so that it is in front of your face.
    • Hold cutting scissors in your hand. Now, start trimming the fringe a little bit at a time. Trim across a slight angle, to get side fringe. For example, you can start cutting your hair by considering the shortest length near your eyebrows and longest till the middle of your nose. Keep combing the hair sideways to check.
    • Once you have cut your hair in a smooth side angle, and are satisfied with the result of the sweeping bangs, comb the hair straight down again.
    • To give your hair a nice layered effect, hold the scissor vertically and snip at the very ends a little bit. This will remove the blunt cut fringe look, and give a more natural look to your fringe. Choppy side fringe hairstyles for teenagers, are very popular. However, do not attempt to cut your fringe hair choppy, seek a stylist's help.

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How to Cut a Side Fringe

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