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How to Braid Your Own Hair

    One of the biggest attractions of the girl's slumber parties is trying out different hairstyles on all the heads available. You sure must have spent nights doing up your friend's hair. You may be proficient in working on other's hair, but when it comes to doing your own hair, things may not be that easy. Most of the times, we have our mothers or friends to help us with our hair, but once we move out and start living on our own, we are required to learn a few basics about donning our own hair. Braids are the most simplest of all hairstyles and take minutes to do. In this article, you'll find tips on how to braid your own hair in different styles. First, we will start with the most basic ones i.e pigtails and then move to some complicated ones like cornrows.

    How to Braid Your Own Hair in Pigtails

    If you want to don up a school girl look, then French braid pigtails are a great option. The little pigtails look cute and are ideal for hair up to shoulder length. Before you start braiding your hair, it is advisable to wet them a bit. Though, there is no harm in braiding dry hair, wet hair allow tighter and firmer braids. Next step is to part your hair in two sections. Tie one section with clips so that the two sections do not mix up. Then, separate the second section in three equal parts. Hold the two parts on either side in both of your hands while letting the middle part hang loose. Then, without losing your grip, place the left part over the middle one, moving the middle part to left. Now alternate the right part with the middle one. Continue the process until you reach the end of your hair. Tie your braid with any hair accessory of your choice, at about 1 - 2 inches from the end. Repeat the procedure for the second section as well. Practice this by following the tips on how to braid your own hair in front of the mirror.

    How to Braid Your Own Hair in Cornrows

    Once you learn how to braid your hair, you may switch to some complex braid hairstyles. Cornrows is a popular style, but it is a bit difficult to do by yourself, on your own hair. Nonetheless, with some practice you may be able to master braiding cornrows in your hair. If you wish to braid cornrows in your hair, then the first step is to plan a design. Remember, cornrow braid style is a complicated style and may take hours, depending upon the length and volume of your hair. Hence, you need a proper design to ensure that you complete the task in time and achieve desired results.

    Once you settle for a cornrow design, the next step is to separate the area where you want the cornrows, from the rest of the hair. Then, braid the area in two stitches where you want your cornrows, this will get the cornrow started. Once, you have got it started, pick the hair from the adjoining area and tuck them in the middle part of the first cornrow. After merging the two areas, you will get a single thick braid. Continue the procedure as per your designated design.

    While you are learning how to braid your own hair, it is important to get a few basic steps right. Firstly, the three parts of hair should be of equal volume. Also, you need to apply equal tension for every part while braiding your hair. Uneven tension may result in twisting of the braid at one side. Once you master these basic steps, the rest is a piece of cake!

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How to Braid Your Own Hair

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