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How to Bleach Hair at Home

    How to Bleach Hair at Home - Some people have a natural hair with dark colors and they can not achieve the look with the blond hair. At a time like bleaching your hair can help to see a nice blonde. Bleaching is actually a dangerous chemical process used to lighten the natural color of hair. Because hair bleaching involves the use of chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide, a person can burn and damage the hair if the right steps are not followed by bleaching hair. So, people opt for professional bleaching hair to avoid disaster. Bleaching hair at home is a very risky decision. But with the proper use of the product, and preventive measures appropriate to bleach hair at home safely. Home hair bleaching is very economical and you can save a lot of money out of it. So, are you looking for different ways to bleach hair at home? Do you want to learn how to bleach hair at home? Then, scroll down to learn the simple steps and easy bleaching hair at home.
    Caution Notes
    There are several things to consider before you start bleaching your hair. If you have bleached hair before then, there must be a gap of at least 4 weeks between sessions you are bleaching. If you have colored your hair, the hair color should be removed. Prepare yourself for bleaching hair. Before you start bleaching your hair, ask yourself whether you really want to bleach your hair? You will not get back your original hair color after bleaching. What you can do is, apply the hair color that will match your natural hair color if all you want your original hair color back. Once you have made your mind, you can start collecting the necessary equipment. Once you are equipped with all the materials needed, you are ready to begin with your home hair bleaching. Before starting with the steps on how to bleach hair at home, let us know what material you will need.

    Things You Will Require For Hair Bleaching

    It is always better to take somebody's help when you are bleaching your hair for the first time. You can ask your friend or relative to assist you during the hair bleaching session. Remember that hair bleaching is successful only when right hair products are used. Many people do a big mistake by using household bleach powder for bleaching hair. This is a very wrong method and one should never use that. Always use a professional bleach specially made for hair. To bleach your hair, you can either use hair bleach powder, hydrogen peroxide or a hair bleaching package. Hair bleaching package is easier to use, when you are bleaching your hair for first time yourself. Here is a list of other important equipment you will require for bleaching your hair.
    • Pair of rubber gloves.
    • Small bowl for mixing bleach ingredients (plastic or wooden).
    • Hair applying brush (non-metallic).
    • Old pair of towel.
    How to Bleach Hair at Home

    Once you are equipped with all the material, you can start with your home hair bleaching. Given below are steps on how to bleach hair at home.

    Prepare the Bleach

    Usually the directions of preparing the bleach are given on the bleaching kit. Take a small bowl and add some bleach powder to it. Then add small amount of hydrogen peroxide and mix them properly. After stirring, add some more hydrogen peroxide and see that the mixture is not too thick or too runny.

    Get Ready
    Wear the rubber gloves and wear an old t-shirt preferably. Tie the towel around your neck. You can use an old towel or any towel which you do not mind getting ruined.

    Apply the Bleach

    Make sections of your hair and start applying the bleach from back of your head. You can place a foil below the hair section and apply the bleach to spread it evenly. In similar fashion, make sections and continue applying the bleach solution. Once you are done with applying the bleach on all the sections, wrap your head in a plastic cap.

    Rinse the Bleach

    Keep the bleach on hair for at least 20-30 minutes to get appropriate results. If you keep the bleach for a short while, you may not get desired results. Remove the foil from hair and wash your hair with warm water and a mild shampoo. Wash your hair thoroughly and make sure no remains of chemical are left on your scalp and hair. After washing your hair, you can use a hair conditioner that is specially made for bleached hair. Keep the conditioner for half hour and rinse it off thoroughly. Do not blow dry your hair for at least a day as it may break the hair.

    Tips for Bleaching Hair at Home

    • If you are not satisfied with the results, do not bleach again on same day. At such time, you should bleach after 2 to 3 days.
    • If the second round of bleaching also does not give the required results, better make an appointment with a professional.
    • Regrown hair need to be bleached after every 4 to 5 weeks.
    • In case your scalp is sensitive and you have dandruff, you should not bleach your hair frequently.
    These are some basic steps, how do you bleach hair at home. You can always do this at home, if you have bleached your hair before and want to save money. It is recommended that you should take the help of an expert on hair if you're bleaching your hair for the first time.

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