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French Braid Headband

    Latest from the runway all the major designers have seen a resurgence of French braid headband. This type of force in accordance with almost all the hair texture and also bring back old world charm. French braid headband is not too easy to style but once you have a little practice, you're ready to go. The best thing about the French braid headband is that style is classic and makes you look young and fresh. You also need the right styling products if you want your French braid headband look perfect. Here's a guide on how to French braid your own hair headband.

    How to French Braid Your Own Hair

    The following things are required for making a French braid headband.
    • A narrow comb
    • Paddle brush
    • Rubber bands
    • Hair pins

    the first thing you need to do for making French braid headband is to brush your hair so that there are no kinks. This style is best on hair that has been shampooed and conditioned a day earlier. Now tilt your head to one side and brush the hair to one side. Now take the end of the narrow comb and partition the hair into two parts such that the hair starting from below one ear to the other falls on one side. Comb this section of hair towards your face and tie the rest of the hair in a tight ponytail with a rubber band. Now comb the front section of your hair in such a way that it faces one direction and then with the help of your fingers divide your hair into three equal sections. Starting just under the ear start braiding your hair tightly moving outwards away from the ear. Now take some more hair from the forehead side of the head creating a French braid pattern all around your crown making it look like a headband. Continue in this way till you reach the other ear and then tie the end of the braid with a rubber band.

    Remove the rubber band that you had used to secure the ponytail and then blow dry it to give it a sleek look. You can also curl the front section of your hair with a curling iron to give a romantic look. If you find that a lot of loose strands are escaping from the French braid headband, secure them with some bobby pins. Lastly use a bit of hairspray to hold the style for a longer time and smooth some shine serum on the blow dried section of hair.

    There are many French braid headband hairstyles you can choose from once you have mastered the basic one. The most popular of this is the double French braids. In this style, you need to divide the hair into two separate sections and then make two French braids on the crown of the head starting from both ends. Now secure both the braids at the middle of your head with bobby pins or a rubber band. Another great variation to French braid headband is the upside down braid. For this you need to start braiding your hair at the nape and work slowly towards your hairline. Keep the French braid tight and secure with bobby pins at the end. 

    So this was about how to create a French braid headband your hair. This is a very clean and classic style and can be worn to any casual or formal event. You might not be able to get the perfect French braid headband the first time, but with a little effort and practice you are sure to get it right.

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French Braid Headband

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