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Facial Hair Styles

    Facial Hair Styles - Facial Hair Styles for Young Men
    The kind of options that are open to an individual are very large in number, and since each person has a different and unique rate of growth, each person must choose the most appropriate facial hair styles with some common sense. The best option of course, is to sport a full fledged beard. But gone are the days when these beards did not require any grooming or trimming. Nowadays, these beards are much harder to maintain. You have to trim and groom the beard every single day, so as to ensure that it is all under control. Learn some beard trimming tips to help you.

    The key here is to experiment and to pay close attention to feedback. It is the people around you who can be the best judge of your facial hair styles. While I am not contradicting myself by saying that you should style your beard or mustache exactly the way someone else wants you to, I am merely pointing out that if something is amiss about your facial hair style, then the people around you will let you know. Learn to pay attention to what they say.

    You can opt for a french beard or its alternatives, you can grow a goatee, a chin patch, a chin strap, the mutton chops or the handlebar mustache etc. the list just goes on and on. You must keep the following pointers in mind before and after you decide to try out different facial hair styles.
    • Experiment as much as you like, but if something is not looking good, accept that and get rid of it.

    • You can try a partial goatee. Here you will grow the mustache, the chin patch, and some of the hair on the chin. The joining bars in between can be removed.

    • DO NOT forget to trim and groom the beard on a regular basis. Just because you're growing some kind of beard, does not mean that you can let it grow wild.

    • Choose the length of your sideburns carefully. Too long or too short can ruin the entire look of many different facial hair styles.

    • Instead of growing a full fledged beard, keep a stubble instead. This is easier to maintain and looks civilized as well.

    • Do not shape your facial hair styles weirdly, and do not dye it under any circumstances whatsoever.

    • Instead of experimenting excessively for no apparent reason, try the simple clean shaven look instead.

    the shape of the face of the person also plays a telling role in determining which facial hair styles would suit one the best. People with triangular faces should opt for fuller beards or stubble. People with square faces should sport light beards that lends a slender look to their face, along with a suitable haircut. People with round faces can try for french beards and goatees, and people with oblong faces can sport very light stubble to make their face look fuller.

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