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Bleach Blonde Hair

    Bleach blonde hair color

    There are so many ideas to color your hair, thanks to the wonderful invention of man, all hair colors can be boring to live in their dream blonde. Just walk into the salon or take a package of bleach & dye hair blonde and you are done. Smiling back from the mirror will be a beautiful new hot. Beauty with brains, I say! Before you decide to go blonde, remember that they are so many shades of blonde that one can choose from. You have a platinum blonde, ash blonde, Swedish blonde, honey blonde and sandy blond etc. So how do you choose one that's right for you? Here is a trick to choosing the right hair color for your hair. Of brown hair bleached blonde, remember that when you take into consideration your hair color, haircuts, clothes and skin tones require the same attention.

    If you have skin like Posh Spice, or Gwen Stefani, then feel like a platinum blonde and ash blonde that's right for you.
    On the other hand, people with skin like Nicole Kidman can choose colors like strawberry blonde. It is recommended that before you opt for extreme blonde, try some dark blond color like this suite most skin tones. Also, if you try to go blonde for the first time, it is best to go to a salon and talk to the hairdresser. This way, you will be guided with the right color for your skin tone. Many women have horror stories such as straw transform dry hair or scalp burns when they tried to go blonde at home, so it's best to let a professional get their hands on your hair.
    Bleach Blonde Hairstyles

    So now you have the hair color under control, the next step is get the right hairstyle for you out of the many other bleached blonde hairstyles. You can go either chic short or sexy long. If you are more the chic short kind, then take Posh Spice, Pink, Charlize Theron and Reese Witherspoon as your inspiration. Short haircuts are in these days, so make the most of it. You can either sport a short bob, like the one Posh had or try longer versions of it. You can also try for a short blunt with bangs. Some short emo hair styles will also look fabulous.

    If you rather go for the sexy long blonde hair styles, then take Beyonce, Lindsey Lohan, Jessica Simpson as your inspiration. Instead of coloring your entire head blonde, you can also add some sassy bleach blonde hair extensions to your long hairstyle. If done right, hair extensions can turn anyone into a glamorous diva. You can also try some long emo hairstyles for girls and spice it up with some bleach blonde hair with black streaks.
    Bleach Blonde Hair Care Tips

    These are some valuable tips that every blonde needs. Trust me, these tips should be followed to the 'T'. First things first, always do a patch test before coloring the hair. Bleached hair tend to go dry, so invest in good haircare products like deep conditioning shampoos and conditioners. Eat right as the hair will tend to get weak and will break easily, so the right nutrition will help more than you think.

    To protect the hair color, use products that are made for blonde hair as the color has the tendency to change shades. Remember to take necessary precautions if you are going for a swim as chlorine turns beach blonde hair green. Yes, green! Keep your hair well moisturized and limit the shampooing to once per week as excess shampooing strips the hair off its natural oils. Bleached blonde hair need good hair care to maintain the look.

    Now you see, turning blonde is easy but it's maintaining the look that is tricky. So, take care of your lovely bleach blonde hair and have fun. Live is short and it is meant to be lived, no wonder Huge Hefner said, "Picasso had his pink period and his blue period. I am in my blonde period right now." 

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Bleach Blonde Hair

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