Monday, July 25, 2011

4 Headgear Were Easy To Glamour

    Who want to stop you're stuck on the island of the Blue Lagoon Brooke Shields to get the most irresistible in the summer of hair. Glamour magazine has four sexy summer hairstyles, it's easy to do and you feel sexy this summer, despite rising temptures.

    Style and Focus

    Easy Summer Hair Ideas Glamour

    Now is the time to be locked in struggle with the heat of the steam-bath type device. Meet our four favorite light displays:

    A beautiful ponytail
    Pony tail is a classic hairstyle for the summer, but why not give a sexy update. You can create this look: You can drag the hotfix without a band of fantasy. In fact, you may have tried this back in high school - a slick back your hair for the pony base, then add the extra rubber bands every couple of inches down the tail (or shorter hair, every inch), a trick that makes it look more Greek goddess of the physico-AND-esque: the card for your hair between the elastic enough to give him some puffs.

    Adult Pigtails
    Braids, always associated with being cute covered has been updated. These disorders horse will keep the hair low on his face at a 90 degree day while giving you a sexy hair, to get to see. And you will not get sweaty, your style is. To create this look: only part of your hair in the center with your fingers (a comb would be too simple) and secure each side into a ponytail at the nape of his neck, loss of parts above the elastic finger to mock tails to add volume.
    Beach-babe Waves
    It's not fun to wear your hair back every day. Do not let your fear make you a sexy beach babe frizzy mane. To create this look: Spritz conditioner on wet hair (bonus if you have been swimming in salt water - that will add texture sexy) and turn two large loaves, pinning the top of the head. Let them dry while you relax in the sun, or wear them at night, and then click Detach and tousle. Suddenly, the moisture will boost your volume Best Friend!


    The Lazy-girl Updo
    Buns could be the most underrated area of ​​summer hair - they are very elegant and resistant to moisture. To create this look: Just do a low pony elegant, slightly twist the tail into a bun and secure with a few hairpins. (Bonus:. Works with wet hair and dry) this season, try to hide yourself falling into a pile of sticks luxurious hair or adding a beautiful flag.

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4 Headgear Were Easy To Glamour

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