Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • mjadala
    07-30 08:09 PM
    Tomorrow (Thursday) House Immigration Sub-Committee is planning on mark up bill HR5882 to recapture unused green cards. This is an extremely IMPORTANT development. We are hoping that an agreement could be reached prior to the vote so that this bill is not rejected based no party line vote. As such all members are requested to PLEASE PLEASE call the following members on the subcommittee requesting them to support Congresswoman Lofgren's bill H.R.5882 to recapture unused green cards.

    Majority Members (Democrats)
    Member Name DC Phone
    Luis V. Gutierrez (D-IL) 202-225-8203 - left VM
    Howard L. Berman (D-CA) 202-225-4695 - talked to office
    Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-TX) 202-225-3816 - talked to office
    Maxine Waters (D-CA) 202-225-2201 - talked to office
    Bill Delahunt (D-MA) 202-225-3111 - left VM
    Linda T. Sanchez (D-CA) 202-225-6676 - left VM
    Artur Davis (D-AL) 202-225-2665 - mailbox full
    Keith Ellison (D-MN) 202-225-4755 - mailbox full
    Anthony Weiner (D-NY) 202-225-6616 - left vm

    Minority Members (Republicans)
    Member Name DC Phone
    Steve King (R-IA) [Ranking Member]202-225-4426 - left vm
    Elton Gallegly (R-CA) 202-225-5811 - left vm
    Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) 202-225-5431 - left vm
    Dan Lungren (R-CA) 202-225-5716 - left vm
    J. Randy Forbes (R-VA) 202-225-6365 - left vm
    Louie Gohmert (R-TX) 202-225-3035 - left vm


    HR5882 was sponsored by Congresswoman Lofgren and Congressman Sensenbrenner. This bill recaptures all the unused visa numbers that have been lost since 1992 due to processing delays in Employment based category and Family category. It is estimated that 216000 green cards will be recaptured which would help to eleviate the employment based backlogs.

    Please use the instructions provided below to make the phone calls.

    (1) Call the congressman/woman office and request to speak with the aide who handles Legislative and Immigration matters

    2) If they are not available leave a VM for them -

    "I would like Representative "Representative Name" to support HR 5882, bill to recapture the green cards lost due to processing and bureaucratic delays. As you may already know that this is a bi-partisan bill with wide bipartisan support in the house and will help improve American competitiveness & reduce the back logs associated with USCIS. This bill is non controversial measures that will help US to stay competitive with a highly educated and skilled work force and address family based backlogs also.

    To All congress-critters:
    In a nutshell, this bill allows USCIS to manage their workflow more effectively, which provides better customer service, and will eventually lead to better turn-around times.

    To Democrats: More people will be able to get their citizenship in reasonable times.

    To Republicans: Companies will be able to attract more talent which improves economic performance."

    (3) As usual Do NOT get into the CIR issue or illegal Immigration. If the aide is confusing with CIR or illegal immigration, just tell them that these are legal immigration bills.

    (4) If the aide asks whether you belong to the district or not, tell them NO if you don't. Mention to them that you already spoke with your representative and would like the congressman/congresswoman

    The list of key representatives along with their contact information is provided in this post.


    If asked please say that you are a member of Immigration Voice.


    If the staffer ask - "did you call the representative in your area", say that -

    "Yes I did. Congressman/Congresswoman is a prominent member of Immigration Sub-committee which makes him a national figure of great importance. Congressman's decision and support is very important for people inside and outside of your district and as such I urge you and the Congressman to support HR5882."

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  • h1techSlave
    09-08 11:40 AM
    Here is a thought.

    We can print
    "Waiting for a legal GC since 19xx"
    "Came to the US legally in 19xx. Waiting for xx years for GC"

    Stick this on our chest and take a snap shot. Collect some of these photos and send them to media/USCIS. At least we can put the photos in IV web site.

    I came to the US in 1998.
    Applied for labor in 2001.
    Applied for labor again in 2003.
    Waited 3 (or was it 4) years for labor approval
    Now waiting for the visa numbers.

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  • dish
    12-12 03:56 PM
    On the NumbersUSA website they have a page about the H1B and Hightech visas.


    Thay have also proposed for a reform of the H1B visa.


    To my surprise, they have proposed that anyone who proves worhy for the US economy, in the initial 3 year period of the H1B, automatically granted their Green Card. For me this seems to the best proposal ever for reforming the H1Bs.

    A Comprehensive Reform Proposal

    � To be eligible to an H-1B, the employer would be required to have not have laid off Americans
    in similar jobs within the last 6 months, and not employ H-1Bs in more than 15% of its technical
    � An employer who wishes to hire an H-1B would be required to advertise the job on a central Dept. of
    Labor (DOL) Web page for 30 days. If the employer did not hire an American during this period, the
    employer would have automatic permission to hire the H-1B.
    � The wage paid to an H-1B would be required to be at least the national median for all workers in the
    field, including those with all levels of experience.
    � After hiring the H-1B, the employer would update the entry in the database, stating the qualifications
    of the H-1B who was hired.33
    � The visa would be valid for 3 years. During this time, the worker could move from employer to
    employer at will, providing that each new employer goes through the 30-day ad procedure on the
    DOL database.
    � If the worker were to stay employed in the tech field for all but 60 days during the 3-year period, the
    worker would be deemed as having proved his/her value to the economy, and would automatically be
    granted permanent-resident (i.e. green card) status.
    � If on the other hand, the worker were to become unemployed for more than 60 days, he/she would be
    required to leave the country within 15 days.
    � The law would explicitly state that employers must give hiring priority to Americans. An employer
    would not be allowed to reject an American job applicant in favor of an H-1B by saying the American
    is overqualified, or by overspecifying skills requirements.
    � A Commission on Technical Guest Workers, with regional branches, would be established within
    the DOL. Any American who felt he had been wrongly rejected for a position in favor of an H-1B
    would be able to file a simple, convenient Web-based challenge. If the Commission were to find in a
    challenger�s favor, the employer would be required to offer a similar position to the petitioner. Neither
    party would be allowed to appeal a decision by the Commission.
    � The normal yearly cap on guest workers would be set at 65,000. The Commission on Technical Guest
    Workers would have the power to increase that number by 20% in a given year if unusually rapid
    economic expansion warranted it; larger increases would be left to Congress.

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  • srini1976
    09-21 11:30 AM

    We were never told explicitly that only recurring members would get an update on FOIA.

    Please share the news with all contributors on FOIA.


    Over $10,000 was collected for FOIA on an issue basis. It was never told then by IV that only those who are recurring members would get an update on FOIA.

    All others,
    nixster has been leading the effort on FOIA. I had sent a PM to him. It seems he is little bit busy since they just had a new born baby (week old) and would post an update about FOIA on the normal forums in a couple of days.


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  • kams
    06-13 09:27 PM
    to everyone. Hope this will bring some relief.

    BTW, from the 2007 ombudsman report,

    If the priority date became current today:) , due to delayed USCIS processing and thus underutilization of visa numbers, some have predicted that within a few months as many as 500,000 to 750,000 individuals now residing in the United States under a temporary worker visa could apply for a green card. Additionally, DOL�s recent backlog elimination efforts, scheduled to be completed by September 30, 2007, are predicted to add 70,000 or more approved labor certifications yielding as many as 170,000 additional green card applications. As USCIS begins to complete these applications and request visa numbers from DOS, the 140,000 statutorily authorized visa numbers will be used. DOS then will be required to retrogress priority dates. Consequently, most applicants in this scenario will find themselves trapped where as they anticipated timely receipt of a green card, their wait exceeds seven or more years. In addition, all future employment-based green card applicants effectively would be barred from applying for many years.

    Link to report (http://www.dhs.gov/xlibrary/assets/CISOMB_Annual%20Report_2007.pdf)

    We just moved from many small lines to one huge Que.

    But tonight is not the night to worry, lets celebrate while we can. Cheers..

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  • pappu
    07-30 12:31 PM
    Please post on other websites too so that more people can call


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  • desi485
    07-01 04:36 PM
    >> However I filed amended only for one of those 2 accounts as there was no TDS.
    One must include all the accounts in 1040 tax return, whether or not that account has foreign tax deducted at source (TDS) or not.

    I suggest that you verify this with your CPA who has expertise in international income sources.


    hmmm... sorry my bad. I did not made it clear to understand. When I said amended return, I meant didn't have to pay tax. I did all these process using help of a CPA. He showed my (TDS) account, but since the tax was already deducted by bank (my parents send me bank's letter) I did not have to again pay tax on that.

    However, I did have to pay tax in case of account with no TDS.

    hope it is clear now.

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  • ArkBird
    08-23 01:50 PM
    Yes. I know someone who's greencard was revoked after 10 years after they discovered that that his marriage was sham marriage.

    Ok. Someone left me "Friendly" message with of course red dot calling me liar stating one becomes eligible for citizenship after 5 years. THAT DOES NOT MEAN YOU HAVE TO APPLY AFTER 5 YEARS! Please... keep the red dots flowing! :)


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  • lvinaykumar
    11-04 01:18 AM
    Changed to PDA on my EAD yesterday. Hopefully i should get it in few days. I have applied AP & EAD together but my AP is still in initial review. Does anyone know if AP's are getting delayed ?


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  • axp817
    03-02 11:01 PM
    You will see that when a question is answered; then it starts everyone thinking. Issue identification is the most important thing that the immigration boards have to offer.

    +1, I couldn't say it any better.

    I don't come here just to read about the things that I already know, but to learn about the issues that someone else is facing and how they were resolved, in case I were ever to face the same.

    Of course, if I experience something out of the ordinary, I return the favor by sharing my story.

    Thank you, those of you who have been constructive on this forum.


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  • LostInGCProcess
    08-22 12:55 PM
    Hi there,

    I personally seen two of my friends H1 (extension) got denied.

    They both work for different desi companies, have been working ever since they are here in US. Have all the documents up to date required by USCIS...yet they got denied....
    One friend's denial was because his education did not match his work...although he did his Engg in Comp. Sci. and working as an programmer analyst.

    The other friend is awaiting for the reason...he came to know only couple of days ago, and he is literally in shock.

    I dont know whats going on???!!!:(

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  • diptam
    06-13 08:11 PM
    What the F$$$

    Cheers guys, oh man I am going ot be soo drunk and its only Wednsday

    Already finished 2 beers to start with ... :-))


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  • ncrtpMay2004
    10-01 05:41 PM
    My PD is May 2004.

    There are a total of 233816 pending application.
    When I add up

    ROW - all EBs,
    China - all EBs,
    Mexico - all EBs,
    Philippine - all EBs,
    India - all EBs execpt EB3,
    India - EB3s (till May 2004)

    I get a position of 199,283.

    If the demand for Employment based application is low in the next 2 years (less than 80,000),
    I think there is a good possiblity that I will have my GC in 2 years.

    Please let me know if this logic is right. If not what I am doing wrong?

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  • thomachan72
    04-12 09:11 AM
    Sorry for missing the action this week. I have been busy with exams and classes. I will be free finally at the end of this month. Whenever I get time, I will be making a presentation compiling facts/data and other stories regarding this issue. I will also include my story in to this presentation. I will need you guys to review it and add new info/stories. We can present this to media/senators/general public/youtube/twitter/facebook. Even though we are small in number we can make a voice. Expect this compilation to be done at the end of this month. Meanwhile, as a reminder, please continue to take the effort in voicing your opinions to the senators as well as the media.

    Pappu had requested that affected people contact info at immigrationvoice dot org for a media opportunity I am curious whether anybody contacted him or not? There were atleast 4 people here who had genuine stories, I hope you all contacted him with details? how did it go? is there any progress?


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  • gcnirvana
    06-13 10:33 PM
    Though I had a (jealous) wishful thinking that my PD wud become current, not in my wildest dreams I thought everything would become current. Looks like USCIS wants to make some quick bucks and thus opened the money gate.

    After burning the phone lines, fax lines and Info Hwy...lets flood their mail boxes with our 485 :D

    Good luck to all who can apply 485 (and that includes me too) :)

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  • pappu
    11-30 01:49 PM
    National media including Newswires Radio Magazines and Internet

    feedback@ap.org, jloven@ap.org, lmargasak@ap.org, msilverman@ap.org, npickler@ap.org, rfournier@ap.org, sjohnson@ap.org, pr@ap.org, thunt@ap.org, traum@ap.org, info@ap.org, pr@ap.org, cochs@ap.org, pressreleases@upi.com, tips@upi.com, investigations_desk@upi.com, politics_desk@upi.com, info@ap.org, editor@reuters.com, patricia.wilson.reuters.com@reuters.net, todd.eastham@reuters.com, stella.dawson@reuters.com, arshad.mohammed@reuters.com, randall.mikkelsen@reuters.com, steve.holland@reuters.com, john.whitesides@reuters.com, news@capitolhillbureau.org, sheberer@pbs.org, charlierose@pbs.org, newshour@pbs.org, danschiedel@kozk.pbs.org, theworld@pri.org, newshour@pbs.org, ombudsman@npr.org, atc@npr.org, morning@npr.org, totn@npr.org, morning@npr.org, rsiegel@npr.org, ombudsman@npr.org, sstamberg@npr.org, totn@npr.org, freshair@whyy.org, watc@npr.org, wesat@npr.org, wesun@npr.org, npronsirius@npr.org, worldwide@npr.org, wesat@npr.org, atc@npr.org, ataylor@npr.org, bwilson@npr.org, bnaylor@npr.org, ombudsman@npr.org, cflintoff@npr.org, emcdonnell@npr.org, corrections@npr.org, cwindham@npr.org, dschorr@npr.org, dardalan@npr.org, dgonyea@npr.org, jlyden@npr.org, jcochran@npr.org, jwilliams@npr.org, krudin@npr.org, lhansen@npr.org, ombudsman@npr.org, mliasson@npr.org, lusa@npr.org, mblock@npr.org, atc@npr.org, morning@npr.org, nconan@npr.org, ntotenberg@npr.org, atc@npr.org, pfessler@npr.org, ombudsman@npr.org, pbreslow@npr.org, newstips@wdtn.com, drobinson@wdtn.com, ddmarko@wdtn.com, jason.pheister@wbns10tv.com, jason.pheister@wbns10tv.com, gramshaw@newshour.org, stephanie@stephaniemiller.com, brian_hill@metronetworks.com, mcurtis@njn.org, mail@uttm.com, maureensm@ffww.com, tgrieve@salon.com, talbotd@salon.com, kberger@salon.com, gsealey@salon.com, michelle@salon.com, mjacoby@salon.com, kaufman@salon.com, mfollman@salon.com, mkeeley@salon.com, modonnell@salon.com, kamiya@salon.com, scottr@salon.com, lauram@salon.com, ruth@salon.com, kaufman@salon.com, bwyman@salon.com, jmillman@salon.com, boehlert@salon.com, szacharek@salon.com, jsweeney@salon.com, abenfer@salon.com, ayork@salon.com, fmorgan@salon.com, klauerman@salon.com, jtapper@salon.com, daryl@salon.com, amontgomery@salon.com, cchocano@salon.com, ccolin@salon.com, areiter@salon.com, dawn@salon.com, dcruickshank@salon.com, boehlert@salon.com, stark@salon.com, letters@slate.com, ekelly@gns.gannett.com, fbremner@gns.gannett.com, jcarroll@gns.gannett.com, kscott@gns.gannett.com, lbivins@gns.gannett.com, mgroppe@gns.gannett.com, mmadden@gns.gannett.com, pbrogan@gns.gannett.com, rchebium@gns.gannett.com, aradelat@gns.gannett.com, cweiser@gns.gannett.com, dabrahms@gns.gannett.com, rrhodes@airamericaradio.com, tawalker@airamericaradio.com, geoff@radioleft.com, contact@pacifica.org, jonsintown@airamericaradio.com, me@glennbeck.com, nealznunze@cox.com, brinkerbob@aol.com, howie@wnir.com, colmes@foxnews.com, johncorby@clearchannel.com, bsteigerwald@tribweb.com, mitch@albom.com, sternshow@howardstern.com, buzzflash@buzzflash.com, kos@dailykos.com, mail@democracynow.org, imusshow@yahoo.com, info@jimhightower.com, billy.house@arizonarepublic.com, oped@thestar.ca, rob@opednews.com, jsmyth@plaind.com, mnaymik@plaind.com, feedback@necn.com, alan@alan.com, jnorman@dmreg.com, jconason@observer.com, editorial@progressive.org, news@michaelmoore.com, maillist@michaelmoore.com, MMFlint@aol.com, media@michaelmoore.com, info@michaelmoore.com, mike@mikemalloy.com, fair@fair.org, phart@fair.org, shohauser@fair.org, galbraith@mail.utexas.edu, dcorn@thenation.com, info@thenation.com, drshow@wamu.org, online@tnr.com, connectionweb@wbur.bu.edu, email@wrn.org, justicetalking@asc.upenn.edu, dastor@editorandpublisher.com, Lionel@LionelOnline.com, onthemedia@wnyc.org, editorial@flashpoints.net, now@thirteen.org, jridgeway@villagevoice.com, plorris@univision.net, dmedrano@telemundo.com, abenitez@univision.net, evaldez@univision.net, rvizcon@telemundo.com


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  • gatec77
    02-16 02:28 PM
    I saw this on the IRS website.
    Q. I have an ITIN, but my spouse has a valid Social Security number. Can we get a payment?

    A. If you and your spouse file a joint return, you will not get a stimulus payment. If your spouse files a separate return, your spouse may qualify for a payment, based on his or her income deductions and credits.


    Does this mean If I file jointly with my wife who has an ITIN, I will not get any rebate ? Not even the 600$ for my SSN?

    Can somebody please clarify or give more inputs.

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  • raj19720926
    05-12 03:46 PM
    I cannot think of other than making money any other reason for them to come up with such rules....for AP holders....they know most of AP holder will never be of any trouble when athey are in German for a short duration or seek asylum etc in Germany as most of the AP holders wants to US green card and have stable jobs . income etc in USA.....

    ntpatil :

    please share your experience with others when u return back after getting ATV in India....

    all the best.....

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  • tamil12
    06-30 10:27 PM
    Please help me in this ..

    while filling the form do we need to put the maximum amount in RS ? or in dollars?

    07-26 01:23 PM
    Based on my conversation with her she seem very knowledgeable , she even asked for my country of citizenship and i also asked her multiple time regarding my RD and June VB.

    Also, based on i haven't seen any receipt number generated processed from TSC after June 20th?

    Means Bigboy is right... Badnews for badluck:eek:

    08-01 06:56 PM
    Also, if the processing is complete and visa numbers available than the allocation is random.

    I talked to IO and according to her, applications will be processed only if the visa numbers are available. If all applications have been processed for which visa numbers were available than they will process by RD. So, even if the cut off dates for processing the applications is July 16th at TSC, they will be processing only EB-2 applications based on RD till end of August. As and when the application processing is complete they will be assigned to IO and visa number allocated. If the processing dates are past receipt date than they will be given visa numbers shortly.

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